Service Provider Awareness Training (SPAT)

Service Provider Awareness Training – for disability service providers and support staff

1 day workshop – Supporting people with disability to access the Sex Industry

COST: $260

Our next Service Provider Awareness Training workshop run in partnership with Family Planning NSW will be held in Sydney on 1st November 2019.

More information is available in this flyer and here is a link for you to register to attend this very well received workshop. 

Supported by Family Planning NSW and IDEAS (Information on Disability Education & Awareness Services)

Service Provider Awareness Training Workshop

This workshop is aimed at service providers and support staff to allow them to explore the issues they may face when assisting people with disability to access the sex industry.


CANCELLATION POLICY: Cancellations received more than two weeks prior to the training day will receive 100% refund. Cancellations received after this time will receive 50% refund. There is no refund available for non-attendance or cancellation on the actual day of training. Touching Base Inc reserves the right to cancel a workshop and in this case a full refund will be provided. Touching Base Inc is not responsible for any costs incurred by participants in attending our training.

Target Audience

Disability service providers, policy officers and support staff in New South Wales.

This workshop is specifically for participants who are connected to a disability organisation or directly support people with disability. Sex workers please go to the PDAT workshop page for more information about working with clients with disability.


The Touching Base Committee believes that there is a clear need for our training project, to provide education for providers and support staff , supporting them to fulfill their legal obligations to assist people with disability to follow the sexual lifestyle options of their choice, including non-heterosexual lifestyles. The training will help facilitate healthier sexual health outcomes for people with disability by enabling them to make better-informed choices for themselves and empower both people with disability and their support staff to address this often neglected area of service provision. In the last few years SWOP has received extensive inquiries from service providers regarding how best to access Sex Industry services. The initial Touching Base Forum in Feb 2000 asked “How could carers better support or facilitate a relative or client to access sexual services?” Participants identified the needs to –

  • Assist groups to overcome historical view of morality of sex/sex work
  • Encourage networking with other support staff or advocacy groups
  • Find out what sex services are available from local workers and
  • Empower clients to make choices and decisions as sexual beings.

The Touching Base Survey of Service Providers in NSW (2002) examined barriers service providers and support staff faced when accessing sexual services for their clients. 27 (75%) respondents indicated that they felt they would benefit from training and education in relation to assisting with and/or arranging access to sex work services and 29 (81%) indicated that they felt their organisation would benefit from such training.

  • To build the capacity of workers in the disability sector to support people with disability to access the sex industry
  • To introduce and discuss facts about the sex industry
  • To provide information about Touching Base Inc
  • To explore the legal and policy obligations of the support worker when assisting people with disability in accessing sex services
  • To develop strategies to support the rights of people with disability to access sex services
  • To provide resources to support disability worker’s role