Policy and Procedural Guide

Image of the Policy and Procedural GuideThe Touching Base Policy and Procedural Guide promotes the health, safety and human rights of people with disability accessing sexual services in NSW. It consists of three parts that make up the framework for assisting clients to access sex services.

Part I: The Policy Template

This section introduces policy statements, a glossary of useful terms and a template of “better practice policy principles and working guidelines” based upon the Disability Service Standards (NSW Disability Services Act 1993).

Part 2: The Procedural Guide

This section outlines how to implement the policy principles and working guidelines from Part 1 using a practical five-Step path for assisting a client to access sex services.

Part 3: The Checklist

This assessment tool has been developed by Touching Base to assist in determining the suitability of sex workers and sex services premises to meet a client‟s specific needs. The checklist was tested for its usefulness and user-friendliness by Occupational Therapy Students from the Uni of Sydney in 2013.  Here is a link to their final report…

Although based on New South Wales 2010 disability service standards, agency staff and service users working in other locations will also benefit from being provided with clear principles, practical guidance and simple tools to assist their decision-making processes when supporting people with disability to access sex services. This resource will also be of interest and value to policy makers, scholars, researchers and students across many different disciplines, along with professionals and others who are interested in disability, sexual expression and human rights around the world.

Contents and Foreword (PDF 83kb)

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