Sex Workers

On this page you will find information about training and resources sex workers can share with clients and others. We recommend sex workers also take the time to have a look through the information provided on other pages, especially the Touching Base FAQ’s Sheet on our Client page and safer sex information available on our Safer Sex page.

The contents of this page is also informative for clients, brothel owners and managers, personal carers, adult family members and service providers here in NSW and elsewhere.


Have you seen a client with a disability? Felt unsure of what to say or do? In this section you will find information about the unique training workshop we offer sex workers.

Sex workers who would like to attend our next workshops please Click here for more about our unique disability awareness training workshop for sex workers to go on our participant waiting list (so we can directly notify you once the date has been set for future workshops).  

Other resources

We have other discussion papers available on topics like balancing the rights of people with disability and sex workers



We welcome sex workers to write their own short stories about experiences they have had with clients with a disability for Touching Base to consider for publication on this website.

In the Media

Our project is leading the world from a grassroots level in Australia and familiar issues are also presented in media articles from elsewhere.