Referral List of disability-friendly sex service providers

Referral List information for People with Disability and their Carers/Support Workers

Touching Base has a Referral List of disability-friendly sex service providers in Australia and limited areas in New Zealand.

The Referral List contains information provided by independent sex workers and commercial sex services premises to be shared with clients with disability and their families or support staff as required.

If you are looking for a referral in another country or region we recommend you first try an online search for services in your area. Tips to help your search can be found here:

How the Referral List Works

When someone with a disability (or their carer, family or friend) seeks a referral to a sex worker or brothel in Australia or New Zealand they can use our Referral Request Form below to identify their accessibility  needs and sexual desires.

The Referral List operator then checks out things like where the client wants the service (in-call or out-call, what suburb, etc.) and what sort of service they want (e.g. the gender of the sex worker, type of sexual activities they want to experience, etc.).

If possible the Referral List operator then provides them with the contact details of several sex workers, and/or the commercial premises that appear most likely to match the client’s needs. The person with disability (or carer etc.) then makes direct contact with the sex workers (and/or brothel receptionist) to discuss price, other details etc. and hopefully makes a booking.

Please note: Touching Base does not benefit or receive any money associated with referrals – therefore we don’t dictate or keep track of prices or costs. The commercial fees charged by sex workers/brothels are highly variable depending on their own price structures, the type of services sought, if there is travel involved, etc. These are details the client and worker sort out between themselves. 

Privacy: Please also note that the personal information you provide is only accessed and used to provide referrals. The database remains private and confidential and only designated persons will have access to this information.
Where we have de-identified personal information, we may use it in our publications, reports and submissions to demonstrate our work and impact. We may also provide it to researchers undertaking academic research or study.

Please use this form to make a referral request – for Australia and the greater Wellington region of New Zealand only.

    What is your name?

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    What is your phone number?

    Are you a:
    Potential client making a referral request for yourselfA support worker/ parent/ carer/ sibling/ friend, making a referral request on behalf of someone with disability? (if so, please answer the following questions with your client's information and requests)

    In what Australian State or Territory / Country do you live in?

    In what town or suburb do you live?

    Are you wanting referrals to commercial sex services premises (brothels/ massage parlours) you can visit in, or near, your area?

    Are you wanting referrals to individual sex workers?

    Do you want to visit the sex worker where they work from?

    Do you want the sex worker to come visit you in your home, or a hotel/ motel?

    What is your gender?

    What is your age?

    An exact age can be provided and/or approximate - i.e "in their early 30s"

    What is the gender of the sex worker you want to make an appointment with?

    What service/s do you wish to pay for? (see FAQ for more info about this: )

    Have you had sex before?

    Have you received any sex education?

    Have you paid for sexual services before?

    What age range would you like the sex worker to be in?

    Please describe how your disability may impact upon your mobility
    ie. Can you weight-bare?
    Can you transfer independently?
    Do you need to use a hoist for transfers?
    Do you utilise a manual or electric wheelchair?
    Do you use a device to communicate?

    Please provide any other information that can assist us in trying to match up suitable referrals for you.

    Other things for people to consider and discuss with sex workers before making a booking:
    Do you need a receipt?


    Do you need an invoice to be sent to a Trustee or Guardian?

    Will there be another person assisting you to arrive for your appointment or at your place when the sex worker arrives?

    One of our organisation’s purposes is to provide this referral service, which connects persons with disability with sex workers. Information on our website is provided solely to assist with the referral process and is not a substitute for you making your own enquiries. We take no responsibility for the safety of those who access the service, nor do we have control or influence over how the sex services are provided. We do not conduct background or police checks. It is the responsibility of those that access the service to agree how they wish to engage with each other, including as to
    safer sex practices.

    If you have a problem with our online form failing to Send - please send us an email to letting us know the name and email address you used in the form and we should be able to recover the information you provided when filling out the form.

    Touching Base endorses The Uluru Statement from the Heart and acknowledges First Nations as the traditional custodians of country throughout Australia, their diversity, histories and knowledge, and their continuing connections to land and community. As Australians all, we respect our nation’s First Peoples, their cultures, and Elders of past, present and future generations.