Referral List information for Sex Workers

Touching Base has a Referral List of disability-friendly sex service providers.

The Referral List contains information provided by independent sex workers and commercial sex services premises (brothels & massage parlours) to be shared with clients with disability and their families or support staff as required.

Although Touching Base is based in NSW our Referral List includes sex workers and premises in other states and territories within Australia – and Wellington and the Kapiti Coast in New Zealand. 

How the Referral List Works

When someone with a disability (or their carer, family or friend) seeks a referral to a sex worker or brothel they use a form on our website to identify things like: where the client wants the service (in-call or out-call, what suburb, etc.) and what sort of service they want (e.g. the gender of the sex worker, type of sexual activities they want to experience, etc.).

If possible one of our Referral List volunteer operators then provides them with the contact details of several sex workers, and/or the commercial premises that appear most likely to match the client’s location and needs . The person with disability (or carer etc.) then makes direct contact with the sex workers (and/or brothel receptionist) to discuss price, other details etc. and hopefully makes a booking. 

Touching Base has a policy that all sex workers/establishments on our Referral List need to become members of Touching Base.

Please read the following information about membership below.

Information for current sex workers about becoming an Individual Member

If you are a current sex worker who already has at least three months experience working in the sex industry, we invite you to apply for individual membership. More information & the membership form are available here: Become a Member

Once your Individual Membership application has been approved at a Committee of Management meeting we will send you a notice. The notice will contain a link to an online form you can use to be added to our Referral List database.

Information for commercial sex services premises (i.e. brothels, massage parlours and BDSM dungeons operators) about becoming an Affiliate Member

Touching Base invites the operators of these establishments to become an Affiliate Member of Touching Base. More information & the Affiliate Membership application form are available here: Become a Member

Once your Affiliate Membership application has been approved at a Committee of Management meeting we will send you a notice. The notice will contain a link to an online form you can use to add your business to our Referral List database.

Not a Current Sex Worker? You need to read this…

Our Referral List is only for current sex workers and establishments, and it is not suitable for people interested in starting up as a sex worker. If you are interested in becoming a sex worker in general, we would recommend that you make contact with either Scarlet Alliance – The Australian Sex Workers Association ( which is based in Sydney, or use the Scarlet Alliance links page to find sex worker peer-based groups and/or the funded sex worker organisation in your state or territory. They will be able to provide more information about working in the sex industry, including your options around how and where to work; industrial rights and OH&S issues; and the different laws involved when working as a sex worker.

Our Referral List is reserved only for current sex workers who already understand and have working knowledge of a lot of these and other issues, including the rights and laws that they contend with in their jurisdictions and workplaces.

One of our organisation’s purposes is to provide this referral service, which connects persons with disability with sex workers. Information on our website is provided solely to assist with the referral process and is not a substitute for you making your own enquiries. We take no responsibility for the safety of those who access the service, nor do we have control or influence over how the sex services are provided. We do not conduct background or police checks. It is the responsibility of those that access the service to agree how they wish to engage with each other, including as to safer sex practices.

Link for sex workers to access the referral list data entry form:

Touching Base endorses The Uluru Statement from the Heart and acknowledges First Nations as the traditional custodians of country throughout Australia, their diversity, histories and knowledge, and their continuing connections to land and community. As Australians all, we respect our nation’s First Peoples, their cultures, and Elders of past, present and future generations.