Speeches from launch of new booklets at NSW Parliament

The launch of three new Touching Base booklets for people with disability was kindly hosted by Dr Peter Phelps MLC at the Jubilee Room – New South Wales Parliament on the 31st May 2016. Over 70 dignitaries and supporters  joined us for speeches and a delicious afternoon tea to celebrate the publication of these long awaited resources, which were launched by the Hon. John  Ajaka, NSW Minister for Disability Services.

We are delighted to be able to offer below podcasts of the speeches from the day (subtitled in English).

The Hon. Dr Peter Phelps MLC

Our engaging host the Hon, Dr Peter Phelps, a Liberal member of the NSW Parliament Upper House, provides a warm and humorous opening speech for  the launch of new Touching Base resources. Along with describing his support for the ongoing decriminalisation of sex work in NSW, Dr Phelps emphasises the importance of the new booklets because they provide clear information about sex so people can make informed decisions.

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Saul Isbister – President of Touching Base

Saul Isbister was the Master of Ceremonies for the launch. Along with an overview of the development of the three new resources, Saul provides personal insights into the nature of stigma and discrimination and an example of the effects of internalised stigma.

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Assoc Prof Helen Meekosha

Helen Meekosha has been a Patron of Touching Base since 2014. Also a founding member of Women with Disability Australia, Helen gives a hearty endorsement of new booklets as high quality sources of information, but also reminds us of the appalling historical and ongoing violence and forced sterilisation enacted against women with disability, particularly women with intellectual disability.

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Iris and Murray Loudon

Iris and Murray Loudon have been long time friends of Touching Base. In her moving speech Iris outlines the transformation of services for people with disability – from institutionalised care to groups homes and person-centered support. Having been frustrated by the failure of organisations to address sexual issues in the past, Murray and Iris both express their thanks to Touching Base for making a big difference by enabling more conversations about sex to take place and producing the quality resources for stakeholders.

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The Hon. John Ajaka, NSW Minister for Disability Services

The Hon. John Ajaka MLC, the NSW Minister for Disability Services, makes clear his strong dislike of discrimination as he congratulates Touching Base for it’s work in the community. The audience is delighted when he and Dr Peter Phelps officially launch the three new Touching Base booklets for people with disability.

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Dr Mehreen Faruqi MLC

Dr Mehreen Faruqi, a Member of the NSW Greens in the Upper House celebrates the new Touching Base resources as a way of introducing important conversations about sex and sexuality. Mehreen enthusiastically supports the decriminalisation of sex work in NSW and outlines the positive impacts is has had for sex workers.

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Aby Hutchinson-West

Aby Hutchinson-West is a spokesperson for Northcott, one of largest disability support services in NSW. Aby manages their behavioural support and sexuality services and explains what part she sees the new resources will play in Northcott supporting the right of their clients to explore and express their sexuality.

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