Become a Sponsor

Become a sponsor
Sponsors of Touching Base are taking an important role in actively supporting the work of the organisation through direct financial support or the provision of products, services and staff time. Touching Base aims to establish long-term collaborative partnerships with organisations to provide opportunities for people with disability and sex workers.

Sponsorship of Touching Base is tax deductible.

Sponsors can:

  • Benefit from the positive effect that Corporate Social Responsibility can have on your company image.
  • Gain brand exposure through Touching Base’s on and offline channels (website, social media, brochure, newsletter, events).

Corporations can support Touching Base through:

Financial assistance and/or in kind support.

Sponsorship of events.

Sponsorship of presence at Trade Fairs.

Corporate donations.

Provide discounts on your products for Touching Base members.

Support us with pro bono work.

If you are interested in discussing sponsorship options with Touching Base please send us an email at [email protected]