Safer Sex

Sex workers have always been the target of people within in the community who see themselves as the guardians of morality, or who are offended by sexual practices which are different from their own.

However, in NSW, sex workers have proven to be responsible in performing their vital roles in the prevention of HIV within the wider community. Sex workers promote safer sex practices and educate clients on the risks and prevention strategies for HIV and other Sexually Transmitted Infections – STI’s.

The Touching Base Committee supports the principles of ‘Safer Sex’.

NSW Sexual Health Clinics

Contact details for Sexual Health Clinics across NSW – For sexual health information and advice, or to find your closest appropriate sexual health service, call the NSW Sexual Health Information Line on 1800 451 624.

The Law and Sexworker Health (LASH) Project
Please find here information on the The Law and Sexworker Health (LASH) Project. The LASH Project aims to assess how the varying legislative responses around Australia impact on the health and welfare of sex workers.

NSW Ministerial Taskforce on Brothels

In 2001 the NSW Ministerial Taskforce on Brothels Final Report outlined NSW sex workers great sexual health record and how they maintain it.
Click here to read an extract from pg 14.