Handout – including sexual services in your NDIS plan

Touching Base has collaborated with Northcott to provide a FAQ handout to clarify misinformation and misconceptions about including sexual services in an NDIS plan and your review and appeal options if the NDIS refuses to include it. 

This FAQ handout contains answers to the following questions:

Who is a sex worker?       

What are sexual services?

Can I include sexual services in my NDIS plan?

What goals might be achievable through accessing sexual services?        

Can I include sexual services in my NDIS plan if I haven’t previously included it?         

Has anyone ever had sexual services funded by the NDIS?  

Does a sex worker I choose have to have specialised training?       

Does the sex worker need to be referred by Touching Base?

Does the sex worker need to be an NDIS registered service provider?      

Who can assist me to include ‘access to sexual services’ in my plan?       

What other funding/supports can I include to support my access to sex workers?      

Where can I include sexual services in my NDIS plan?         

What to do if the LAC or NDIA Planner won’t write ‘access to sexual services’ within my plan?      

Should I put ‘access to sexual services’ into my plan even though I’ve been told the NDIS won’t pay for it at the moment?        

What can I do if the NDIA denies me funding for sexual services within my submitted plan?

Download this FAQ as a Word doc:

FAQ_How_to_include_sexual_services_in_your_NDIS_plan_Word_doc(updated 18 Dec 2020)

Download this FAQ as a PDF:

FAQ_How_to_include_sexual_services_in_your_NDIS_plan_Word_doc(updated 18 Dec 2020) 

FAQ_How_to_include_sexual_services_in_your_NDIS_planWord_docupdated-18-Dec-2020 (2)