Touching Base Referral List

Thank you for wanting to be included in the Touching Base Referral List database.

Inclusion of the list is only for current sex workers who have a willingness and / or experience in providing services to clients with disability.

All information provided here remains private and confidential. The Referral List Officer,  assesses client enquiries and generally gives out only your contact details after matching their requests with the range of information you provide.

Please note that your listing only becomes active after your membership application has been approved and paid for. See here for our membership forms:

If you have any other queries please see our Referral List FAQ page.

Field Title Field Content Required User Info
Required Field Where the sex worker and/or establishment is based, either as a Suburb Name or a Postcode.
Required Field These are areas where a sex worker is happy to travel to and/or where an establishment is located.
Optional Field If you provide Outcalls to everywhere in a Capital City or a Regional Area, please list here (e.g. Greater Metropolitan Sydney or Far North QLD).
Optional Field Please list any other Locations you may visit/tour in Australia where you will be happy to provide services. ie: if you are based in Sydney but tour to Canberra or Hobart.

Required Field This highlights whether the service is being provided by a private worker, whether they provide the service of an in-calls and/or outcalls and/or an establishment that provides full service.
Required Field This is the name of the sex worker or establishment.
Required Field This is the age of the sex worker/s. An exact age can be provided and/or approximate i.e. "in their early 30's".
Required Field This is the gender which the sex worker/s identify as when working.

Required Field This is what a worker, is willing and/or not willing to do for a client during a service.
Optional Field Valid, full email address

eg: [email protected]
Optional Field Valid website address (do NOT include http://)

eg: or
Required Field 8-10 Numbers only (no spaces)
Optional Field This is the address of the establishment and/or sex worker, if they provide in-calls i.e. "Surry Hills. Near Central Station. Exact address only given out when an appointment is made".
Optional Field This is a description of the physical access of where the service is going to be provided i.e. "1 step along entrance way. 1 step at front door".
Optional Field This is where things can be highlighted about the service that hasn't been raised already i.e. "Is happy to arrange an appointment outside of the 'work hours' stated on the website", "ramp available if you ring ahead" etc.

If there are only one or two sex workers at an establishment willing to see clients with disability, this is where you would add their names.

Required Field This is the gender of the client/s that the establishment and/or sex worker is willing to see i.e. Male, Female, Transgender. (Note: to select more than one option hold down the CTRL key on your keyboard and click each required selection).
Optional Field Please let us know what languages you can speak - other than English.
Optional Field Please let us know if you are familiar with using communication boards or other communication devices and if you are familiar with using sign language with people with hearing impairments.
Required Field Are you willing to see people with disability, even though you may not have participated in PDAT nor had any previous experience with people with disability as clients?
Required Field Have you had previous experience providing sex services to people with disability?
Required Field Have you participated in Touching Base's workshop for sex workers: Professional Disability Awareness Training (PDAT)?
Required Field Are you already a member of Touching Base?
Required Field Touching Base Member Number
Required Field If you are not currently a Touching Base Member, have you sent in you Membership form in order to become a Member?
Required Field Verify you really exist.