Scarlet Road Documentary

I just wanted to say thanks for a brilliant experience.  Absolutely loved your documentary Scarlet Road … congratulations to all involved.  I was encouraged to watch it by one of my clients. (I’m privileged to work as a Disability Support Worker in SE QLD).  I look forward to keeping in touch with your work and your organisation through the website.

You have produced a wonderful resource for teachers of Disability and Aged Care Support Work, as well as the broader community.

G.R. – Queensland


I suffered a spinal cord injury 25 years ago that has left me a quadriplegic. I could empathise with those featured in the documentary as I too lost my virginity to a sex worker and have only ever had sex with paid sex workers.

I would like to congratulate you on the work your organisation does and the vital services and connections you make. My only regret is that there is nothing to my knowledge like your organisation in Melbourne.

D. R. – Victoria


To the entire Touching Base organisation:

Thank you so much for what you are and have been doing over the past decade. I have just seen Scarlet Road on SBS … and I don’t think I have been moved by a story as much before and just had to say thank you to you all for the vital work you have been doing.

I have a blind friend in his mid 40s who has enjoyed the company of sex workers from time to time and he has openly praised the service locally only to have some of his family and support people put him down for it. Seeing Scarlet Road reinforced his words that ‘sex was the only thing that gave him hope’, when he was really low.

Thank you again Touching Base people, you are the real saints of this world.

R. M.


As I am the older brother of person with a mental disability, recently a friend of mine told me about Scarlet Road and what the show was about.

I am not usually the type of person who would watch a show/movie/documentary and be so affected by it that I write to the makers because of how happy I was at the end of it.

I just want to say a massive thank you to all involved, not only with the making of this film, but all of those involved with Touching Base. When watching Scarlet Road I was brought to tears many times, and I could not help smiling and laughing at the same time.

I believe 99% of the focus out there for Australians with both mental and physical disabilities is all about helping them on physical and medical level…whilst not catering for the more personal issues such as sexual health and sexual activity, and more importantly, expressing themselves emotionally and on an intimate level.

After watching this documentary I was extremely excited at the prospect that one day Touching Base would be an Australian wide organisation because I believe it is the right of every single Australian out there to feel all the emotions associated with experiencing the sensation of what you provide.

R. W. – Sydney


I was moved to tears to be privileged to witness the tenderness and care Rachel  demonstrated for her clients, and at the same time, the absolute  courage and tenacity to continue this incredibly important fight.

That fight is, as was clearly demonstrated, of such high importance –  both for sex workers who do not deserve the stigma and shame  associated with their career choice, as well as for people with disabilities who also deserve so much more than society is seemingly willing to offer.

My experience as a psychotherapist, having worked with both sex workers and individuals who have had to work through society’s restrictions on what is ‘normal’ sexually, and by extension, the fundamental importance of touch to human beings, was resoundingly reflected in the documentary.  What an amazing job you do.  You absolutely have my in principle support – and I’ll look out for opportunities to more actively support the work that you do.

Thank you for all that you stand for and all that you do.



As a direct care worker for people with disabilities I congratulate all involved in this organisation…..well done and about time!!! The lady in the documentary showed not compassion or any of that “sweet” “patient” “rewarding” labels workers in this field often get – but she demonstrated a genuine interest and warmth towards her clients. They were men who were celebrated as lusty, sexual beings…I am swept away and words fail me.



To everyone at and in connection with Touching Base, I just watched your documentary on SBS and feel such enormous gratitude and admiration for all that you do and have achieved so far.

I have been blessed to have the freedom of being able bodied, and I am in awe of the support and services you offer to those who experience disability. I fully support the right for everyone of the age of consent to experience expression of their sexuality in a way that is right for them, and you do it so well and with such sensitivity.

Bless you and go well.

With the highest regard,

Cherie T.


I just saw ‘Scarlet Road’ and I am absolutely amazed! I’ve been working for people with disabilities for the past 4 years and have never heard anything about a service like yours. I think it is incredible that you have committed yourself to this line of work and I appreciate that it must be quite difficult but equally as rewarding.

I really commend you for the respect you pay your clients, as well as your understanding of their needs and wants. As a carer I know that it must be incredibly difficult to help others understand the needs of people with disabilities – they are exactly the same as our own. Yes they can have every other need fulfilled like food and care, but it is company and physical touch that makes life enjoyable and worth living. They deserve it!

Thank you for providing such a great service and I hope that in the future your career will be more accepted, appreciated, and respected in the community. You are doing such an amazing job and enriching people’s lives.

I wish you every success in your future and congratulations on your film. I hope it brings awareness and allows people to see what a positive impact the Sex Industry can have on people’s lives.

Kind regards,

I just finished watching the documentary “Scarlet Road”, and was deeply moved during the whole episode. As someone who is isolated in the community in which I live I had much empathy with the clients shown during this show.

I once hired a sex worker for an hour just to be hugged, to feel that warmth of someone close to me. Sex had no part of what I wanted, but it pleased me to see that those who needed it could find it with such a caring group of workers such as you have shown.

Rachel, you’re a legend alongside those who have grouped together in your fight to bring this much needed part of the sex industry together with your co-workers, clients, friends and your companion and their trust in you.
I was left at the end of the show, with tears in my eyes, that there are still wonderful people out there caring and supplying a much needed service. Your clients too were so open and willing to share their story with people such as myself.

Thank you, to you all, keep up the action and I wish you all a wonderful and Happy New Year.

Yours Sincerely,
Garry S.