Browser Setup

Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer is undoubtedly the most popular and most well-known web-browser on the internet. As such, it plays a major role in what gets displayed on line and how it is displayed. Internet Explorer was designed to reach as wide an audience as possible, so it comes equipped with many features designed to make browing the world wide web as pleasurable and as easy as possible.

Increasing text size

The simplest and most obvious way to help your world wide web viewing experience is to change the size of the text that you are using to view the internet with. Simply move your mouse cursor and click on to View then Text Size and simply pick the option which suits you.

The system caret

Within the innards of Internet Explorer lies a very useful option to make your world wide web browsing experience more accessible to you. To access these two useful options, move your mouse cursor and click on Tools then Internet Options. Move your mouse cursor over towards the word Advanced and click on it. Don’t be scared by what appears to be a complex screen. We are only concerned with the accessibility options.

Look at the “Move system caret with focus/selection changes” item underneath the Accessibility options. This item requires a bit of explanation. The system caret is a hidden item which Windows uses to keep track of where the user is focused on whilst navigating the world wide web or any application in Windows. For example, when you are filling in a form, the system caret is focused on the current input box you are putting text into. This moving of the system caret is not turned on by default.

By enforcing this movement of the system caret, accessibility software such as screen readers or magnifiers know explicitly what the user is doing and are thus able to strategically target specific “hot spots” or parts of the screen which require attention from the user. Using the example of the form again, the screen magnifier, say, would with the help of the system caret, focus on the current input box where data are being entered.

Using a default style sheet

One other thing which can be done is to use a special style sheet. A style sheet is simply a text file which has rules for screen elements in how they’re displayed or not displayed. Special style sheets can be created for people requiring the usage of accessibility software or for those people who want or need a specific mode of content presentation. To run everything on the world wide web to your special style sheet, move your mouse cursor over to Tools, then Internet Options and click there. You should see the “General” tab being displayed. Move over to Accessibility and click on that button.

Once in this Accessibility dialog box, you then need to move your mouse cursor over to the white tick box next to the text “Format documents using my style sheet” and click on it. It should change to a tick. Then, click Browse and search through your computer to find the appropriate style sheet of your choice.