Access Keys

This site makes use of Access Keys. These are keyboard commands that add extra functionality to a website for users whom navigate via the keyboard.

Why would I want to use the keyboard?

Once you get past the steep, non-intuitive learning curve, the keyboard can be a faster, more convenient means of navigating the computer. You don’t have to keep reaching back and forth between the mouse and thus keyboard-only navigation requires less movement.

What are the Access Keys for this site?

The Access Keys we use on this site correspond to the order of the elements in the main menu. So News, for example, uses the 2 key.

1 – About
2 – News
3 – Workshops
4 – Safer Sex
5 – Sex Workers
6 – Clients
7 – Legal
8 – Resources
9 – Help
P – skip to the contents of any Page.

How do I use Access Keys?

It varies from browser to browser. And a few older browsers don’t support Access Keys at all. The best way to find out is by checking the documentation for your favourite browser, or searching online.

For the more common browsers:
Internet Explorer – Press and hold Alt, an Access Key, then Enter.
Netscape – Press and hold Alt and an Access Key.