About Us

Our Principles

In 1979, the decriminalisation of sex work in New South Wales (NSW) Australia recognised sex work as a lawful occupation. The Sex Industry has a wealth of practical knowledge in dealing with a wide range of sexual issues and has the right to be respected and consulted as the primary stakeholders in any matters relating to the provision of sexual services in NSW. As the initiators of the Touching Base Project, sex workers in NSW are actively pursuing this right.

People with a disability have an intrinsic right to sexual expression. This right enables people to develop relationships, have sex, explore and express their sexuality and achieve intimacy without personal or systemic barriers. Furthermore, necessary personal and systemic supports must be provided for the expression of this right.

Our Aims

As part of a commitment to supporting such rights, Touching Base NSW aims to:

  • Facilitate the links between people with a disability, their support organisations and the Sex Industry;
  • Encourage information sharing and educational training programs for sex workers, people with a disability and their carers; and
  • Raise the public and professional awareness of the issues surrounding the access and provision of Sex Industry services for people with a disability.
Our Committee of Management

The Touching Base Inc Committee of Management is made up of individuals (people with disability and sex workers) as well as representatives from organisations. The following organisations regularly attend our monthly meetings or contribute in-kind assistance and/or resources to support the ongoing activities of Touching Base:

Touching Base Constitution (Word 472kb) Touching Base Constitution (PDF 264kb)

Touching Base Objects (Word 373kb) Touching Base Objects (PDF 11kb)

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